Circle of Control

The “Out of My Control and In My Control” diagram, often referred to as the “Circle of Control,” is a visual tool designed to help individuals focus their energy and efforts on aspects of their lives that they can influence. This diagram is typically divided into two sections: the inner circle, which represents things within your control, and the outer circle, which includes things outside your control.

In the inner circle, you would place elements such as your thoughts, actions, behaviors, and decisions. These are areas where you have direct influence and can make changes. For example, how you respond to situations, your work ethic, and the way you treat others are all within your control. By concentrating on these areas, you can effectively manage your life and work towards your goals.

The outer circle, on the other hand, includes factors such as other people’s actions, the weather, natural disasters, and broader societal issues. These are elements that you cannot influence directly. Recognizing what lies outside your control can help reduce stress and anxiety, as it encourages you to let go of things you cannot change and instead focus on what you can. This shift in perspective is crucial for maintaining emotional well-being and fostering resilience in the face of challenges.

The best part of this simple and practical diagram is that you can it apply elements that only apply to specific areas of your life. For example, at work, you can have three rings – for the inner ring what areas do I have direct control over, the middle ring would have what areas can I influence, and the outer ring contains areas I have no control over. By developing circles in different areas of your life you can reflect upon it and for me, it helps overthinking a situation, reminding me that I can’t control how a person reacts or what they are doing, these are out of my control. Here’s to drawing those circles and managing our mental health.


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